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Senior Associates

We are seeking Senior Associates who are eager to search for the next Facebook, YouTube, or Alibaba. Softbank Ventures Korea is the early stage venture capital arm of Softbank Group investing in rising startups in the global ICT area.

  • Job Description

    At Softbank Ventures Korea, Senior Associates work closely with the Partners of the firm to assist with due diligence of potential private market investment opportunities, financial modeling, portfolio management and evaluation. This position involves much responsibility and independent thinking.

    Senior Associates are on the front lines finding and screening deals. They will seek potential deals, by cold calling companies and entrepreneurs and setting up meetings, and then present prospective deals to the firm Partners. Senior Associates support all aspects of a deal, from due diligence to modeling and execution. With due diligence, they produce the initial analytics that lead a firm to pursue or reject a deal. During the later stages, they continue to work side-by-side with the Partner to close the deal. Work intensity and hours fluctuate based on how close the team is to closing deals. They can work extremely long hours near deal closings.

    In addition to helping the firm discover the industry's most promising entrepreneurs, Senior Associates work very closely with companies post-investment.

    There are several advancement tracks, but if partnership is the end goal, it is important to establish a strong track record of sourcing companies, closing deals, positively impacting the portfolio company, and exiting the investment to generate solid returns for the firm.

  • Responsibilities
    • Source new deals by reaching out to startups or entrepreneurs. Be on the front lines to seek and screen deals.
    • Assist the Partners with due diligence on primary, co-investment opportunities.
    • Assist the Partners with management and development of portfolio companies.
    • Prepare a variety of document and presentations including investment memos, proposals, and presentations in Powerpoint, Excel, and Word.
    • Support funding efforts by reaching out to investors as well as assisting in organizing events and producing materials for fundraising activities.
    • Get in touch with top start-ups, accelerators and investors.
  • Requirements
    • 5+ years minimum work experience required
    • Fluent English required
    • Fluent Japanese or Chinese preferred
    • Outstanding analytical skills
    • Fast learning and problem solving skills
  • Required Application Package

    1. Resume

    2. An essay addressing the following (length of total 3 answers should be under 1,000 English words, within 2 pages):

    • Select any piece of art – such as music, a painting, or architecture – that you feel best reflects your life and describe the reason for your choice.
    • What are your two best traits that your previous (or current) boss would likely pinpoint as your key strengths?
      Please describe why.
    • If you become a venture capitalist, which company would you want to invest in and why?

    3. Contact information of two persons from previous work for reference check

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